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At Hannon Project Management, We Can Help You Have the Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel of Your Dreams
July 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Hannon Project Management
<strong>At Hannon Project Management, We Can Help You Have the Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel of Your Dreams</strong>

Tired of your old-school kitchen with dated colors and less than ideal functionality? Love the new house that you bought, but that bathroom has got to go? 

Maybe you need to sell your house quickly and you realize that your kitchen and bathroom in West Haven could be deal breakers. Or perhaps you want to update that cottage on the shore to turn into a rental.

Reach out today to your one-stop-shop in kitchen and bath remodels. From your first consultation through design, construction, and a thorough cleanup let Hannon Project Management take care of your important remodel jobs.

Who We Are

We are your premier source on the Connecticut coastline for kitchen and bathroom remodels, as well as custom carpentry services. Our reputation is grounded in the fact that every job receives the same precise attention to detail in each phase of both design and construction.

Hannon Project Management offers our clients the convenience of using one expert and experienced firm to handle each step of the process. This results in more efficient work, all performed by the company you directly contracted. Using a single company for all of your renovation needs also gives you one convenient point of contact to answer all of your questions quickly.

Our client base trusts us because of our commitment to thorough and transparent communication. That even extends to after the completion of the job, when we hand over a professionally assembled binder outlining every detail of the job for future reference.

What We Do

Hannon Project Management uses experienced design teams and renovation crews on every project to ensure beautiful and long lasting results. Our decades of combined experience on every project ensure that we can successfully bring your vision to life. 


From repairing or replacing cabinets to a complete gutting and redesign job, you can place your trust in Hannon Project Management. Owners of homes with outdated designs often reach out to us to open up their space to make it more user-friendly while updating the look


Don’t trust Uncle Joe to take care of your bathroom remodel when you can reach out to one of Connecticut's most experienced and dependable contractors. Our fully licensed, regularly trained, and experienced team can do everything from a shower replacement to a complete renovation. 

Custom Carpentry

Carpentry work requires skill, precision, patience, and experience. Our skilled craftsmen take pride in creating beautiful finished work in stairways, decks, rails, and much more. Hannon Project Management carpenters have earned praise throughout the area for the quality, durability, and beauty of their work.

Why We Care

Hannon Project Management wants you to love where you live or conduct business. We proudly work with our clients to give them the kitchen or bathroom transformation that they need while keeping the project on time and under budget. That pride extends to our professionalism. You can expect that our crews will show up on time, work efficiently, and leave the entire job site in as good or better shape than when they arrived. 

Because we only use top quality materials and high-end accessories, you will get a final product that not only shines today but that you can enjoy in prime condition for years to come. We take as much pride in our craftsmanship as you do in your home, and it shows. 

Contact Us Today

Reach out today to learn more about our custom carpentry and kitchen and bathroom remodels. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to answer any questions or schedule you for an appointment. 

Call today at (203) 507-1267, email us at or use our convenient online contact form.

We look forward to working with you. Our top priority is your satisfaction.