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5 Construction Industry Trends in Home Renovation Projects
September 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Hannon Project Management

As we move through 2019, several home renovation project trends, especially for the kitchen, have taken shape. Styles prevalent until recently already look dated as new design concepts grab attention. Smart technology also seems poised to serve as a standard part of most kitchen renovations

We also see marketplace trends that contracting companies should make themselves aware of. As times change and the market shifts, staying on top of these developments makes the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

Kitchen Backsplashes Take Front Stage

Kitchen designs have shifted radically in the past few years. Home and property owners now want more color and design features in their kitchens and bathrooms. One example of this shift lies in the expansion of kitchen backsplashes in new renovations.

Backsplashes have evolved from stainless steel or plain white or colored tiles. In many cases, they now serve as accent walls that set the tone for the design of the entire kitchen.

Smart Devices Increasingly Prevalent

Although the United States has not accepted their use as quickly as other parts of the world, expect that smart devices will grow more prevalent this year and in the future. This will hold true for both contractors who perform renovations as well as the work done itself.

Contractors--like us--will increasingly use smart devices for areas such as fleet management, inventory, and other essential areas. Smart devices will make communications, employee management, and data collection more efficient. Clients will also increasingly want smart devices incorporated into their designs, especially in the kitchen.

Millennials More Likely to Do It Yourself Than Expected

Contrary to social expectations, millennials have embraced do-it-yourself home improvements and renovations in greater numbers than older generations. This may stem from the fact that younger homeowners tend to have less money to devote to improvements.

Millennials and other younger people also have a higher level of comfort with learning new skills from video technology. When we work with such clients, we and other contractors serve as support services for these clients' do-it-yourself vision, taking care of the toughest jobs while the homeowners do the rest.

Dark Colors and Contrasts Back in Style For Kitchens

For almost a generation, kitchens designers have embraced a sanitized and plain look. They emphasized white and other bright color schemes. In recent years, however, more designers have introduced darker colors and contrasts to kitchens.

With the marketplace in general trending toward darker and richer color schemes, white and bright kitchens may start to look dated in comparison relatively soon.

Colorful Appliance Styles Taking Over from Stainless Steel

Along the same lines as colorful backsplash designs and darker colors overall dominating new kitchens, stainless steel appliances have declined in popularity. Their traditional look matched kitchens of a decade ago, but no more.

Manufacturers have taken their cue and responded by offering a wider selection of finishes to match the revived interest in colors and contrasts. Ruby reds and bright blues currently dominate the field. Also, many consumers have expressed a desire for appliances that intentionally mismatch other kitchen features.

Kitchen renovations also increasingly include non-traditional types of ovens that use steam or convection methods to cook food. Each type of oven has the potential to save both time and energy over a conventional selection.

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